Orchard Overripe - For the Skatehoarders

September 17, 2020

After a few years of preparation we are excited to announce the arrival of Overripe, a curated collection of all the radness you’d find in a Skateshop, except it’s all old stuff ranging from the mid 70’s-2015ish.

Boards, clothing, shoes, videos, magazines, and all sorts of assorted ephemera for your nascent nostalgia.  In the same way that we run Orchard with product for all types of skateboarders, Overripe will have an assortment skate related gear for fans from all generations with different tastes & budgets.

Although some items may be incredibly rare or highly sought after and priced as such, we will have all types of collectible goodness at accessible prices, with frequent new/old additions!

Overripe will launch on September 21 and we'll be making new additions on the 1st & 15th of every month as we continue sourcing and hunting down old product with our vintage partners at Salty Dame's Relics. Follow the Overripe account on IG to stay up to date.


Orchard Overripe

Bird Skull & Banana tribute art by TJ Kelley.