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Got a board picked out and don’t know what to choose next? Our complete component packages are here to make it easy to get rolling!

Choose an option that works with your needs and budget and we’ll pick out some of our best selling items to help put together a full complete skateboard.  You may not get the exact same items pictured, but you will be sure to get pro quality components from our current selection of only the finest brands.

The $15 custom complete discount is built into the pricing, and we’ll put assemble the board at no cost, or you can choose to do it on your own.

Standard Completes are ideal for tricks and skating on smooth surfaces.  The wheels are harder and in the 52-54mm range.

Cruiser Completes are made for transportation and casual cruising.  The wheels are softer and larger in the 55-63mm range.  Smoother ride but bulky for tricks.

Hybrid Completes come with a standard size and shaped wheel 52-54mm but are softer like cruiser wheels.  These are a great option for rough ground and the smooth, grippy ride helps beginner skateboarders build their confidence up.

Keep in mind all the parts of the board are replaceable, so many people might start off on a one kind of wheel then migrate over to a different wheel down the line.

Check out our Complete Builder page to learn more about the different parts of a board and how to choose your setup or build a custom complete.