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Strangelove Paul Zitzer Shaped Deck Screen Printed 8.75

  • Artwork by Sean Cliver
  • Manufactured at BBS
  • Hand-Screened at Screaming Squeegees
  • Caveat: Be aware that blemishes and imperfections are an expected and accepted part of the screen-printing process. Each board is screened by hand, one at a time, layer upon layer, making each print unique unto its own—just like snowflakes! That said, sorry, but we will not consent to any returns unless the graphic is determined to be unacceptable at our discretion. Please take this into consideration prior to ordering any screen-printed boards.
  • Dimensions: 8.75 x 32.625
  • Specs: Nose: 6.875 / Tail: 6.875 / WB: 14.75
  • Product Description: The story behind this graphic is definitely one for the ages. In the late-'90s, Jeremy Klein was the art director (dictator?) at Birdhouse and he'd occasionally take the piss out of a few riders by purposely giving them "jacked" graphics. Paul Zitzer, for instance, received a box of his new models only to be horrified by the crude yellow blob of a character that no consumer in their right mind would ever walk into a skate shop and exclaim, "Yes! That one there, that's the one for me!" So, of course we had to tackle this graphic abomination and see what could be made of it. And here it is?
  • Warning: This product image is a digital mock-up. Actual product may vary.

Griptape sold separately. *Veneer color(s) may vary

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