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Orchard Copley Fountain by Ezra Brown White Tee

Copley Fountain tribute watercolor by Ezra Brown.

This past summer the Boston skateboarding suffered a major loss with the demolition of our much loved Copley fountain.  Ezra has been actively skating it since the early 90's and here's some words from him that came with the artwork:

This attachment has a lot of baggage. Or Stories, depending on how you look at it. First off, I’ve never known Copley Sq to be anything other than the fountain, the Library, Talbots curbs, Store 24/christy’s and also those crazy steep brick banks that made up the green line entrances. Like mini models of government center. Apparently Copley Plaza was once a plaza with some 3-sets, á la Embarcadero, before it had a skateable fountain. All sounds like a good session.Actually, the seshes spread out like they do. Back Bay steps and the flat ground there, Neimen Marcus benches and steps, ledges and fat rails out back, beach bench, or ledge or whatever. The one I’m thinking of is still there. Like a single raised nacho chip ledge on the easement owned by who knows. MBTA or City of Boston. Boards got chomped by traffic in all directions if you didn’t land your wannabe SF tailslide or your big-man manual.Or maybe over to the Prudential steps and up Huntington to Christian Science. That spot had the added feature of getting kicked out in slow motion. The guards would just walk up to you and ask you to leave, so invariably, you’d just keep skating till they got within earshot, then move the session 100 ft away till they got close to you again. You could probably do that all day, just moving from spot to spot within the grounds. They’d shift change and have someone new to see you off their property as you moved the sesh over a bit. In the winter, you can skate the reflection pool and round ledge and just keep it moving as they walked miles and miles after you and your moving session.If you saw that teen-horror Netflix movie, It Follows, you’d know what getting kicked out from Christian Science was like. That movie is like one long sesh at the reflection pool. Throw in some walking “please leave the premises” with manuals to-go along the pool’s mini sidewalk edge and you’re pretty much inside my head right now. You gotta get out, and take your Arizona Green Tea with ginseng and honey with you.


Not gonna lie, the new shirt stock we're using is seriously something special.

  • Relaxed fit
  • Heavy weight, 6.5 oz
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  • Shoulder to shoulder tape
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  • Preshrunk to minimize shrinkage
  • Screen printed graphic