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Super Labo

"Everything I'm Trying To Tell You" Greg Hunt

Initially conceived as a twenty-year color retrospective, Everything I’m Trying to Tell You materialized into a much more private body of work, largely shaped by a summer of complicated personal experiences.

“I found myself on these road trips, alone, out in the middle of nowhere. I just had my camera. I was wandering, drawn to the most strange and remote places. It was a period when my relationship with photography changed, it became a tool to process what was happening in my life. Once editing, I found myself drawn to different material. The old pictures had different meaning. After some time I realized that what I wanted to say with this book went beyond words. It was about the feelings that I couldn’t express or understand. This was its purpose.”

– Greg Hunt


w26 x h23.6 cm
88 Pages
45 Images
Hard cover
Full color Offset
Limited edition of 1000
Published in 2023
ISBN 978-4-908512-66-7

SUPER LABO is an independent photography book publishing company founded in 2009 in Tokyo by Yasunori Hoki. They produce beautifully printed and designed books by some of the world’s most renowned and acclaimed artists working in the field of photography.