WORLD PEACE VANS with Justin Henry

by PAT DONFRO July 14, 2020 1 min read

Vans "World Peace" collection presented by Justin Henry.  A clean colorway with his local skate community in mind. 

>> Release Date: Wednesday July 15th at 9pm EST <<

Justin Henry World Peace vans

Raised in Ohio, Justin Henry has learned the importance and value of continuing challenges because he grew up in an environment where skating is not easy.

To celebrate the release of this collection, Vans has released a short film which traces his life from his childhood to becoming a professional skater. 


Vans, who was greatly inspired by the message, went to “Big Brothers Big Sisters”, a local community in central Ohio and plans to support $10,000.

Don't know about Justin Henry?  

Then his Quasi Skateboards Mother Part is a mandatory watch.