Carpet x Nike SB AKA Swoosh Season

February 26, 2021

Kareem Melon Carpet NIKE SB

KARIM. Melon || Photo: @Jasonjasherman


I feel like all my blog posts are Nike SB related however... this one I am the most excited about.

Carpet Company and Nike SB?  Yes, Carpet Company and Nike SB AKA Swoosh Season.  Unlike other drops this one I find special. Why?  Well because I've been watching the progression of brothers Osama and Ayman Abdeldayem printing boards in their basement all the way to opening their own store and now this... a Nike SB collab in what feels like only a couple years. (Could be more or less, what is time anyway these days). 

So shit, thats a huge accomplishment.  Cheers to them and of course anyone that supports them for making it possible.  Oh but if you only clicked this link because you want to know the launch details. blah blah blah sorry.  Rumor has it, Swoosh Season got pushed back to March 9th, so lets go with that.  Follow @orchardshop on IG for up to date details & of course, best of luck!

Nike SB Carpet


QUINN BATLEY.  Frontside Ollie. || Mason Padilla in the Sheep Tee.


Nnamdi with the Turnstile shirt on.  Who's got this one still?


Osama with the crooks!


XOXO - Orchard