Skateism Magazine (Elsewhere) Issue #5

SKATEISM Issue 5 – Elsewhere – is an exploration of diaspora, travel, movement and the lesser covered communities in skateboarding.

We – skateboarders, yes; but people, generally – move. In our bodies, we move. And in our minds too. Estrangement, exile, exploration – all these happen in the psyche, with equally constructive and destructive results, as in physicality. In all our differences, we have this common thread. So while we can congratulate ourselves, as skateboarders, for having this big wooden passport which, though it may be one of the most irritating things to bring on a plane, affords us instant access to a community of similarly inclined street-dwelling weirdos; we must also remember that those of us who are lucky enough to use it to its full advantage, also have the power to reach out to our siblings who do not. In the past decade, skateboarding has been increasingly referred to as a “tool for social change” – and if this is true, then we all have a choice to make whenever we step onto our boards. The days of “skate and destroy” are over, my friends. What’s next? Where will you go? What will you do with this tool? What risks will you take? What might you learn about yourself?

In these pages you will find stories from all over the world, and in those stories you will find myriad ways that choice has been made so far, by people from all different backgrounds, for all different reasons. No matter where their stories took them, and no matter how many places they have been, we remind you that SKATEISM is no one perspective, and that your choice is yours – you are you, and you are here.