How To Choose Your Skateboard Parts

Boards most often are offered in sizes from 7.3” to 8.5”. Some even bigger, and some smaller. This measurement refers to the width of the board. There's no specific rhyme or reason. Theres professionals with size 12 shoes that prefer a skinny board, and just the same the opposite. 7.5-8.5 is a great size for anyone starting. The wider the board the more surface you'll have to stand on, but it'll be heavier and harder to flip, However a skinnier board the opposite. Pick a graphic you love, in a size between 7.5 to 8.5 and you'll be good to go!

The most important part is that you’ll need 2 of these (They’re sold as singles). All the trucks we sell are perfect for any setup from beginner to expert and turn great. One important part when picking your trucks is the size. All the trucks have their own sizing but we have a chart on all the truck pages to make choosing easy! The size refers to the width of the trucks and corresponds to the width of the board you have chosen.

Wheels always are in a full set of 4. Wheels also come in different Sizes and Hardnesses (durometer). 50mm-54mm is a great size for anyone that just starting. Generally speaking a bigger wheel is more likely to roll a little easier and over cracks better. When choosing your wheels pay attention to the “Wheel By Type” filter options. Standard wheels are great for anyone trying to get a standard setup and learn tricks, but these wheels are harder than the rest. Hybrid Wheels are going to be a wheel in between Standard and Cruiser type wheels that are a little softer and are going to roll smooth over cracks and on rough ground. Lastly cruiser wheels are the softness and for mostly just cruising from point A to point B fast and smooth. If you choose anyway wheel bigger than 55mm it might be worth considering riser pads. This is an optional item, but it just adds additional clearance for the wheels so they don’t rub the bottom side of the deck.

Just like a bearing in a car, it’s what makes the wheel spin smooth. If you’re not sure we recommend Bones Reds Bearings or Bronson Bearings. With bearings what you pay for is what you get. So go with Swiss.

Picking your griptape is easy! Black is the standard, but I personally love clear. The griptape is what you’ll be standing on, so as long as you won’t get distracted be bold, try a graphic too!

This is what holds the trucks onto the board, so very important but any kind will do. 1” is the standard length that’ll work with any truck. If you’re adding a riser for a bigger wheel, just make sure to get longer hardware to compensate for the riser height.

Helmet, Pads, Skate Tools, Bushings, Skateboard DVDs, we got anything else you may need!