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Super Labo

"The Urge of Living" Alberto Polo

Assembled as a visual diary of sort, “The Urge of Living” is the result of over ten years in the making, working with the archive and shaping an emotional body of work out of mixing the photographic memories captured for a large twenty-plus years period of skateboarding subculture documentation as a professional skate photographer.
Skateboarders and anonymous teenage skate rats, daily routines on the road, landscapes and urban sights, accidental street encounters, random party people, and a look into more intimate moments serve to build up an initiation journey of blooming youth discovering the world into adulthood.

Driven by my personal experience as an active part of the story and being a first hand documentarian for many others, “The Urge of Living” is a book based on skateboarding but happens to be much more. It’s a story about youth, passion, friendship and love and the pages of this book, definitely contain a description of a very intense period of my life and bites from so many others lives I shared the times, even it was just for a brief moment to shoot a photo for the sake of memory.

w18.2 x h24.7 cm
176 Pages
165 Images
Hard cover
Full color Offset
Limited edition of 700
Published in 2023
ISBN 978-4-911112-03-8

SUPER LABO is an independent photography book publishing company founded in 2009 in Tokyo by Yasunori Hoki. They produce beautifully printed and designed books by some of the world’s most renowned and acclaimed artists working in the field of photography.