Spitfire Wheels Formula Four F4 Conical Full 101D 52mm

Spitfire Wheels Formula 4 101D Conical Full

Size: 52mm

Conical Full Shape  With a wide riding surface and a cutaway design, this shape has unmatched control and lasting speed everywhere.

Formula Four Urethane  Formula Four urethane is unlike any other. Both in the streets and under high-speed stress tests in Spitfire's lab, Formula Four wheels retained more material, coned less and kept their original shapes and sizes longer than any other wheel.

52MM 32.5MM 21MM
53MM 33.5MM 21.5MM
54MM 34MM 22MM
56MM 36MM 25MM
58MM 37MM 27.3MM

*All wheels are sold and packaged as a set of 4.