Overripe Western Edition Circle Logo Snapback Black

Western Edition Circle Logo Snapback Black

Western Edition Skateboards began in San Francisco 1999.  Founded by Kent Uyehara and Ian Johnson.
The company Western Edition is derived from the neighborhood "Western Addition" in the city.
It has a long history from the Ohlone who are the original inhabitants of the city, to small scale farmland,
to suburban Victorian streetcar suburb, to “Little United Nations” to Japantown’s bustling enclave, to the Harlem of the West to Fillmore.
Our style is rooted in a hybrid of midcentury Black American music, early 1900’s modernism, San Francisco history, athletics and mid-nineties skateboarding. 

>This is an Overripe Prouduct<

What is "Overripe?" Plain and simple, Overripe is skate memorabilia. It’s a curated collection of skateboard nostalgia from the mid 70’s all the way up to 2015. Any questions feel free to email us at info@orchardshop.com

** Due to the age of items labeled “Overripe” unfortunately we are unable to accept returns on all items specifically labeled "Overripe. We will do our best to point out any flaws, However please look over all pictures carefully prior to purchasing.