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Strangelove Mix Pack Stickers Vol. One

Strangelove Mix Pack Stickers Volume 1

  • New Header Card
  • Polyethylene Bag
  • Two Staples

Okay, so there are a couple things you need to know about this pack before pulling the trigger—first and foremost that there are NO NEW STICKERS IN THIS PACK. Yes, I shouted, but I feel warranted in doing so, because irate customers are no fun and returns are a pain in the ass (fortunately not mine, but someone else's whose blood pressure may in fact be a tad worse so I care nonetheless). Anyway, this pack is comprised of no less than 20 stickers, 18 of which are art-oriented the remaining two being boring ol' logos, but all are leftovers from our previous six packs. So consider this a "mix tape" assemblage—a "Volume 1" if you will—of adhesive hits from our first two years in business. However, seeing as these are all leftovers of varying quantities, please note that these sticker assortments will indeed differ from pack to pack. Maddening, no? Yes, for sure, but it's even more maddening for me to have these piling up in my home office every season, because I don't live large in a goddamn palatial estate and available space is becoming slim to none. Okay, I'm well past the acceptable limit for over-sharing, but I just want to add one last sentence for really no other reason aside from the fact I don't want you to spend money on shit you don't need: These mix packs were primarily made for those who missed out on previous sticker assortments, featuring work by Marc McKee, Todd Bratrud, Dave Carnie, Porous Walker, Don Pendleton, and myself, but if you're a glutton for doubles then by all means run up your credit card in our adhesive garden of earthly delights. —Cliver