CONS Player LT Hi Navy Case Study

Converse CONS Player L/T Hi by Sage Elsesser and Bobby de Keyzer

• Archival Case Study, Remastered For Modern Skateboarding
• Durable Rubber-Backed 70s Canvas Upper
• Archival Case Study “Stars” Outsole
• PU Strobel Board For Stealth Cushioning
• Comfy Ortholite Sockliner

An in-depth examination of Converse’s heavy sporting archive—along with the wide-angle field notes of Converse Skateboarding’s Sage Elsesser and Bobby de Keyzer—this Converse Case Study is presented as evidence that the future of Converse comes not just from the organic remastering of its own ABDs, but through a modern assessment of historic skateboarding by historic skateboarders.