Softrucks Truck Kit (Pair)

Softrucks are great for any skater of any level. These are made of super thick, and durable TPU Urethane. Made proudly in the USA. The reason they work, and we strongly promote them is simple. These are the same height of a normal skateboard, but without the Wheel. The rubber flexes side to side with a very similar feel that you get from normal trucks. Without Wheel on your skateboard it stays in place, and doesn't shoot out from under your feet. This allows you to practice indoors without your board flying across the room and into the wall. Adds Pop for Higher Ollies. Build Skill, Strength, and Confidence. (develop proper footing, and balance). Practice All Kinds of Tricks. (Ollies, Kickflips, Stalls, Shuvits, and flips). 4-Point Contact. (absorbs shock, and adds stability). Includes Mounting Hardware.