After many years of planning we have finally launched our new website and online shop, designed completely from the ground up!

The site just went live on Monday June 16th, and we are still working out all of the kinks with the system. Please email any comments/questions/suggestions to us at  We appreciate your patience while the site is still in beta version and would love to hear any feedback that y’all have.

In a nutshell, our goal with the site is to recreate the unique retail experience that we offer at our brick and mortar shops and extend it to the digital community.  The new site is essentially two websites built into one new digital destination.
One part is a content heavy user experience that showcases and archives the many different types of events that we do, along with videos, photos, and coverage and commentary from our awesome skate team and employees, capped with highlights of the amazing art shows in the Extension Gallery.
The second site is a fully stocked online skateshop that syncs up with both of the shop’s inventories in real time. For everyone that has ever asked if we have an online shop, now we do! We are incredibly psyched to now be able to offer our unique collection of different products and brands to our followers around the globe. Use the code BLASTOFF at check out to get 15% off anything in the online shop (except boards).

This is all a brand new world for us as well, but our goal as an online retailer will be the same goal that we have had since 2006, and that is to be the raddest skateshop that we can be!

Here’s to the future!


-Armin, Broderick, Matt & the entire Orchard Family