My time spent behind the shop counter sometimes includes logging a fair amount of minutes texting mom to say ‘I love you,’ being a nuisance on group chats and tweeting my life away. For the better part of the day, I’m sifting through new skate mags that come in the mail.

Like a lifelong smoker, print media has had to either change its ways, or risk dying earlier than expected. With digital media’s takeover of how we consume information, how will skateboarding’s print industry look going forward? Transworld, for example, has switched up its format and design giving it more life. It’s a refreshing new start–for one, they’ve been opting for 6 issues per year. The more recent issues have been slimmer too, and use a more coarse rather than glossy paper.

Is that enough to cover all the bases? Probably not. Still, you can’t beat good content. Perhaps cutting back to 6 issues will allow them to put out unique issues every other month distinguishing themselves, and attracting skaters to pick them up. Here’s my take on the May-June 2017 issue.

***MINIMAL SPOILERS BELOW*** but you’ve probably gotten around to it oh well ¯_(ツ)_/¯

The Good


The fat ollie done by NYC bar hop hero, Cyrus Bennett, is a well deserved cover. Total psycho move. Ollie up or ollie down he’s got it.

NikeSB Tour


There’s a good Nike tour article written and photographed by Ryan Flynn in here. You’ve probably seen the video, but here’s a link. My problem with tour pieces is usually that you can tell they were probably written last minute with little to no recollection.

This one’s different. There’s none of the exaggerating of how many beers so-and-so drank or exclusive usage of ‘gnarly’ as if it was the only adjective approved by the mag. You’ll mostly find out what Ishod does and doesn’t fuck with, Cory Kennedy’s bird and the dieting habits of elite pros in 2017.

Tom Knox

The Skate Nerd column in this issue focuses on Tom Knox. No, not Tom Knox from London who skates for Isle and New Balance, but Tom Knox from the Santa Cruz Video Speed Freaks. Don’t worry I had to watch that part for the first time too. Here’s something next time you’re out applying Salba Sauce to a curb.

Anyway, this column rules because it revisits an old photo Transworld ran of Tom skating the shopping center curb from his part. Jaime Owens asks him about the spot along with Tom’s thoughts on the current appeal of curb skating. It’s also worth checking out the current photo of him still skating that exact same spot after all these years.

We all have that nothing special hometown spot we revisit because it’ll always (hopefully) be there, so give the Skate Nerd column a read.

The Bad


Two pages too many. Words going in different directions. Skip.

That being said, I’d bet that having this ad is vital to Transworld’s survival. We’re all on the same page here, and I’m sure in the back of their minds over at Transworld they’d rather give these pages to some talented skate photographer or your favorite brand.

As it still goes till the end of time, “Everyone’s gotta eat.”


Same deal as the ad above this one, but also this photo’s pretty hilarious. The FDA really nailed the suburban-skatepark-kid-who-asks-grown-men-for-cigarettes-and-beer. To all of you skate park minors, you’ll never live lavishly like the ultimate ‘the-good-homie.’

The Ugly

Spelling Error

Without even turning a page, there it is, “Cryus Bennett, Ollie into bank, Columbia, SC.” I’m not sure who Cryus is, but I know that’s not him.

Print mags really can’t afford to blow it especially now. Lately, the fonts have gotten bigger, the word counts smaller and editorial pieces infrequent. So you’d at least expect them spell their cover boy’s name correctly. Is Transworld Skateboarding just about running photos with a few interviews and event coverage i.e. skateboard news? I’d like to think not, and the bits and pieces I did like from the May/June 2017 issue show that they do have staffers and contributors who are true blue skaters capable of giving readers what they want.