Playlist: Shine On 90

Shine on 90 was a tour video produced in 2007 by Armin Bachman back before he became a partner at the shop. The idea was simple – round up a heavy crew of friends from New England and Upstate NY and go on a road trip from Buffalo to Boston. During the 2.5 week long trip a number of different homies hopped in The Van and pace car with a crew consisting of Kevin Coakley, Curtis Rapp, Conor Fay, Caleb Michalski, Lee Berman, Damon Vorce, Jay Burton, Ben Skyrzpek, Justin Philips, John Marshall, and many, many, more.

The soundtrack was produced for the video by Nobs, and DVD copies of the video were produced and distributed by Focus Magazine. This was pre-youtube era but at one point the video was listed up on Google Video and eventually was somehow grandfathered into the shop’s youtube page. Now 10 years later we’re sharing it with you.