Orchard's "Stone Soup" Full Video

Happy Go Skateboarding Day!

Today marks the 2 year anniversary since we premiered our second full length shop video “Stone Soup”, and we wanted to share up a second serving for anyone that might have missed it.

Boston skateboarding has a rich heritage, and has been home to some amazing skateboarders over the years.  The close proximity of spots all within skateable distance creates a unique city skateboarding experience that helps nurture a versatile style of skating that is identifiably New English.  As Boston’s local skateshop our goal is to contribute and to promote the scene any way that we can.  Stone Soup is our video offering showcasing our crew of team riders and extended family, that hopefully gives the viewer a better glimpse into our world from 2012-2104.

The video features parts from our newest team riders Eric Dasaro, Frankie Nash, Dillon Buss, and Nickodem Rudzinski, as well as parts from team riders Kevin Coakley, Fritz Mead, Jerry Fowler, Lee Berman, Lurker Lou, shop co-owners Broderick Gumpright and Armin Bachman, a City People reunion section with Tommy Wisdom and Nate Keegan