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PACE by Cuong Ngo

Longtime friend of the shop CN just dropped a curated collection of clips from the past couple years.  Short and sweet, this edit will get you stoked to skate the city and leave you wishing for warmer days.  Featuring shop team rider Nickodem Rudzinski along with a solid cast of…

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Nickodem Rudzinski for the Huf Soto Wear Test

The Soto is a new high performance cupsole shoe from Huf coming to the shop this spring.  In December, Huf selected 18 shops for a wear test, where each shop chose a team rider to test the shoes for 15 days and film a part.

Fresh off the Gem video…

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Mark Gonzales Motzart of the iPad Video and Interview

On Saturday December 26th the one and only Mark Gonzales visited the Allston shop for the first ever public screening of his iPad short films in the Extension Gallery!

Check the video above by Michael Chew and read the interview with Mark below for a recap of the event and…

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SOFTHITS Vol. 2 – Shake U Down

Softhits is a video side project from Orchard co-owner Armin Bachman that showcases some of the assorted awesomeness going on with the Boston skateboarding family set to a smooth #AdultContemporary soundtrack.

Volume 2 is from a handful of weekend sessions in Boston in late May / early June 2015, filmed…

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Nickodem Rudzinski “Gem” Full Part

The Gem video is an all VX1000 independent project by Tim Savage featuring Orchard team riders Nickodem Rudzinski and Frankie Nash along with a handful of the rippingest dudes in New England. We are stoked to start off the New Year right and offer…

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