Orchard Annual Harvest – 2013

As the year comes to a close, we will be revisiting some of the highlights that made 2013 a year to remember for the Orchard family. Between the skate jams, art shows, new shop opening, pro visits, team rider coverage and more, 2013 has been a wild ride!

In this final post of the harvest we will revisit some of the highlights of what the team has been up to the past year.

Over the past 18 months, the team has been collectively working on the new Orchard video due out this spring, so keep an eye out for a teaser coming sooner than later.

One clip that we put out this year was a commercial for Iron Claw’s Faux One One video, demonstrating the vibe of skating rocks.

jad crooks jam.jpg

Jad Angell turned 40 this past summer, which marks his official transition from the Prince of Copley to the King of the Berbmuda Triangle. If you see him slappying curbs at your local pre-fab park give him a high-5 and a ‘Gansett. (photo by Dusty)

berman mascis.jpg

In between renting out apartments and buying a house of his own, Lee Berman has been getting a fair share of travelling in and gathering clips for his part in the new Orchard video coming this spring. (photo by Rob Collins)

Kevin Coakley has had a busy year. Aside from starting off 2013 with this radical welcome part to Think Skateboards, K-Snags chalked up the frequent flyer miles and a couple new stamps on the Passport. In between learning new Yoga poses, Kevin landed some tricks Brixton’s “Water Hazards” tour video and also has been busy filming for some new projects that will come to light in early 2014.

Resident ledge lizard Eric Dasaro was added to the Politic flow squad after his part in last year’s “Natural Selection” video. Taking a note from the mid-90′s approach, Eric puts together some amazing lines combining a technical approach with power and high speeds. Stay tuned for his part in the upcoming Orchard video this spring!

Steve Durante has been holding things down in southern Jersey, and has a couple of clips in this recent Politic “People’s Temple” video.

Being a full time Firefighter and father of twin toddlers hasn’t slowed down Jerry Fowler. In between daddy duty and saving lives, Jerry still finds time to skate and film radical maneuvers as shown in recent Hopps commercials.


Orchard co-owner and Coda Skateboards Man-Am Broderick Gumpright had the summer skate season cut short when he blew his knee out this past April. After Meniscus and ACL surgeries, Bro Gumps will be back on board sooner than later. (photo by Rob Collins)

Lurker Lou has kept himself quite busy the past year. Along with having guest clips in probably more than a dozen web vids, his company Iron Claw Skates released “Faux One One” in April, which by our unbiased panel of judges made it in our unofficial top 5 vids of 2014 list.

At the beginning of the year Fritz Mead parted ways with 1031 Skateboards to ride the waves of free agency, but found his way in to the Black Box van for the Cold War tour and had a couple of photos in Thrasher. Keep an eye out for more power moves in 2014 from Fritz.

After last fall’s Suede Peach video part, Frankie has been filming like a madman for the upcoming Orchard vid and drawing pretty pictures.

Joey Pepper had his long awaited pro model shoe come out from Huf this past spring, and even though he started off 2013 recovering from ankle surgery, Joey was able to keep himself busy in the woodshop creating some radical hardwood light pieces and furniture. He even got himself a website too! Now that he is fully recovered as evidenced in the Huf Euro Stoops
Tour Vids, we’re all looking forward to more Pepper footage in 2014!

Alexis Sablone has been pretty busy finishing off her PhD in Architecture at MIT, but has still been able to find the time to skate and hold her own at the Women’s XGames.

As highlighted in the Quartersnacks Lost Tapes video above, Hopps proprietor Jahmal Williams has been a professional skateboarder for close to 20 years now, and is showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon! To say that we’re excited for his part in the upcoming Static IV would be an understatment!

This summer we released a video of our first official flow rider, Nickodem Rudzinski. Whether it’s a gap, ledge, kinked rail, crusty bank, big ramps, or little curbs, Nick is down to shred it all! Even though he is just 16 years old in this footage, he skates with an approach that is much more mature than his years would indicate. Nick has been receiving flow support from Chocolate, Spitfire, and Huf, and we are all stoked to see where he takes things in the future.