On Saturday September 14th, 2013 Rick Howard and Mike Carroll came to Boston to celebrate the 20 Years of Girl art exhibit in the Extension Gallery at Orchard.

Before the show we met up with Mike, Rick, and a crew of homies at the Newbury shop to push around town for a group wear test of the new Vincent Alvarez pro model shoe from Lakai.

As seen in the clip, the Vincent’s are ready to rip right out of the box, and many of the dudes are still skating them over a month after this first session.

Skating by Jeff Burke, Rick Howard, Mike Carrol, Nick Rudzinski, Tommy Wisdom, Armin Bachman, Ariel Pearl, Phil McCormick, Eddie Allen, Benny Goldman, Myles Underwood, John Wisdom, Rob Ridge, and the crew.

Video filmed and edited by Michael Chew, additional filming by Tin Tran.