Boston Hardcore

Our first Orchard mix put together by shop co-founder Broderick Gumpright.  Lots of heavy hometown references in this one. Take out yer ear plugs and play this loud!

Kingston Trio “Charlie on the M.T.A.”  1962
This is basically a cover of a campaign song that was written for a guy to run for mayor of Boston based on fighting the subway fare increase.  I always think of Charlie Wilkins going skating around the city on the T!

The Bugs “Strangler in the Night”  1964
A super creepy song done by The Bugs. Supposedly the lyrics where written by  Albert Desalvo from prison.  This song caused an uproar because people where so angry at the serial killer known as the “Boston Strangler.”  To this day people are not sure if the right man was convicted though recently his DNA was linked to one of the killings.

The Modern Lovers “I’m Straight”  1970-72
If you ever get a chance to see Jonathan Richman please do so.  He will make eye contact with you no matter where you are in the audience!  This song was supposedly written about John Felice who was in the Modern Lovers and later went on to form The Real Kids. You can feel the jealousy and discomfort.  I choose to interpret it as a Straight Edge song before the term existed.


The Real Kids “All Kindsa Girls”  1977
A classic anthem dedicated to the women of Boston.  The Real Kids were and still are awesome.  Their live show runs the gamut from dying on stage to rock n roll history.  I love this band.  They are no longer kids unfortunately.


The Freeze “I hate Tourists”  1980
This 7″ was printed on construction paper stolen from their school.  Cape Cod punk when I was still in diapers.


The proletariat “Religion is the Opium of the Masses”  1982
Sometimes you have got to tell it like it is.


The Freeze “This is Boston not LA” 1982
These guys were from the Cape but lumped into the Boston Scene.  This song was about being individuals instead of copying everything LA punks did.  Short but sweet commentary on punk rock. Later band member Steve M.  Skates our shops bowl daily.


SSD “Boston crew”  1983?  Live
I was dissed by Springa their singa via 2rd person text when I inquired what the lyrics are to this song. ” Fuck him! tell him you got to listen real close” This was even better than getting praise from a legend!!! Great primitive energy and just so you all know Jake Phelps was part of the og “Boston crew”


Last Rights “Chunks” 1984
The drummer for Last Rights is a local dude named James.  He skates.  If he lets you into his inner circle you will skate some rad stuff.  If not then you will probably never know.


The Lyres “Don’t Give it up Now”  1984
The best garage band ever fronted by the crazy “monoman”  go see em.  This dude rocks harder than my dad and has got to be close in age.


The Delfuegos “Don’t Run Wild” 1985
When I was 6 my baby sitter died in a car wreck.  They played this at her funeral.  I had never heard it before but I will always remember it.


Slapshot “Back On The Map”  1986
I believe team rider Jad’s first show was Slapshot and Sham 69 in the 80′s.  I heard someone was stabbed at one of their shows.  Legendary Boston Hardcore at it’s finest.


Judge “New York Crew”  1988
There was a longstanding rivalry between Boston and New york in the scene.  I think everything is cool now.  I love Boston, I love New York.  Listen in the lyrics for the line about Boston.  It’s comical but it was real.  These guys played Cambridge (perhaps they where too scared to play Boston?) recently and it was amazing to see this legendary band.  This song made me wish I could be from New York.


Slapshot “Whats At Stake” 1990
This song got me into Straight Edge by means of a Mighty Bosstones cover.  Strange but true.


The Queers “I met her at the rat” 1990
I skipped my prom to see these guys at the Rat.  No regrets it was awesome.  That Rathskellar had a real feeling of danger to it.  It was a dive where you felt like you could be killed and left for dead in the back alleys by Fenway.  The characters at these shows where amazing.  “Remember the Rat” -Vinny Stigma


The Mighty Mighty Bosstones “Where did you go?” 1992
This might seem like a weak outro, but yeah I liked the Bosstones, there will always be a place in my heart for this band.