On Saturday night July 28th, from 8-11PM, we will be hosting a double event at the shop and in the Extension Gallery.
This event is 21+, and refreshments will be provided by Pabst Blue Ribbon.
The main level of the shop will play host to the launch party for Orchard team rider Joey Pepper’s signature line of clothing through IM.
There will be free co-branded goodies and gift bags from Orchard and IM while supplies left!
Visit for more information on IM.
In the Extension Gallery on the second floor of the shop there will be the opening reception for the “Open Up and Bleed” exhibit with new artwork from Coco Roy, Salty Dave, Casey Spectacular Chad Chesko, and Josh McAlear.
Here is the artists’ statement:
“Everyone is influenced by something. whether it be by family friends or something fucked up you saw as a kid that changed your life.
We were influenced by the rock n rollers, the metal heads the pukers and hatchet faced victims of horror films of decades past.
We skate boarded played in punk bands, got wasted, tattooed and created art about it.
Our work is about the underground, the dirt the grime and the weirdos that created a place for us.
We would like to put on a show of illustrations and videos letting you into our world where metal bands and horror films are king.
Where Black Sabbath is a religion. Where as a kid you gave up barbies to play with a reaper doll. We want to give you art about
Rock N’ Roll, blood guts and all that other good stuff.”
For more information on the artists visit the following websites: