Motzart of The Ipad – Mark Gonzales Film Screening at Orchard

On Saturday December 26th the one and only Mark Gonzales visited the Allston shop for the first ever public screening of his iPad short films in the Extension Gallery!

Check the video above by Michael Chew and read the interview with Mark below for a recap of the event and some insight behind the process of creating these iPad videos.

Thanks to Adidas Skateboarding and Krooked for the support in putting on this most memorable event!


What is your name and what is your occupation?
Mark Andrew Gonzales. Occupation Nurturer & Survivalist.

How has it been overall being in Boston and visiting the Orchard?
Boston has been great, I love it. I like the snow, its really nice it was late this year, but it got here.

Rumor has it you ollied over the Hospital Volcano first than Tommy G.?
That’s not true we got kicked out of there right away! We tried to ollie it and the guard in front was nice and said not to come back and we didn’t comeback. We may have attempted it, but it didn’t go down.

When did you start making your iPad movies and what do you enjoy most about making them?
I’ve only been making them for about a year and half. Yes, it’s a lot of fun. I tried making short movies before, but found it a lot easier on the iPad.

mark gonzales orchard

Do you think smart phones have helped or hurt skateboarding?
I would say a little bit of both, I think sometimes maybe people do less skating if they’re to worried about documenting and in that way its hurt it. And in other ways they can ping a location and send it to their friend and they can meet up at a spot without getting lost.

Top 3 wallies?
I was very inspired by the wallie and I couldn’t do it. Natas, Julien Stranger, I’m not sure, there’s been a few people that can do pretty good wallies but I’m not sure who my favorites are.

Overall how did the Mozart of the IPad event go ?
I think it went really well. It was awesome to see people’s reactions to the work first hand, It went really well it was fun a lot of people came out and they seemed like they enjoyed it.

Any thanks/shoutouts?
Yes, shout out to my wife, to my friends, and to everyone that showed up, and the people at the Boarder, and Krooked, Adidas, Independent Trucks, all my sponsors, and thank you for having me at Orchard and putting this together.

Photos by Michael Chew.