Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

We’re incredibly thankful to be supported by an amazing crew of human beings both on and off the board.  Since we fully dropped the ball and never put out proper DVD’s, today seems like an appropriate time to put out this leftover “bonus” footage that never made it into our 2014 shop video Stone Soup.

Featuring team riders and extended family in order:
Eric Dasaro, Broderick Gumpright, Armin Bachman, Lee Berman, Tommy Wisdom, Ray Echevers, Nate Keegan, Ian Coughlan, James Nickerson, Erik Pickard, Phil McCormick, Small Paul Collins, Rob Collins, Tim Jarman, Eastie, Justin Maruco, Rob Hall, Billy Campbell, Jeff Valcourt, Bill Orsi, Lurker Lou Sarowsky, Jad Angel, Mike Leslie, Dillon Buss, Frankie Nash, Nickodem Rudzinski, Fritz Mead.

Many thanks to all the supporting filmers that helped contribute to this project including Tim Savage, Cuong Ngo, Sam McCormack, Alex Pelletier, Benny Goldman, Elliot Vecchia, and everyone else that we forgot.