Now that 2016 is coming to an end, it’s safe to say that it’s been quite the eventful year with many peaks and valleys along the way. Now more than ever the world is rapidly changing in front of our eyes, with both greater societal shifts as well as changes inside our little bubble of skateboarding. Rather than sit idly by, we will always choose to keep things rolling and create our own reality.

Orchard’s mission remains dedicated to supporting and contributing to the Boston Skateboarding community in any ways that we can. Over the last few years we have learned that having a second downtown location may not be the best way that we can contribute to the scene, and we are refocusing our efforts to keep the radness rolling.

As of January 1st the North End shop will be closed, and all of our energy will be shifted to Allston so we can focus on making awesome things happen for many years to come! We have a lot of exciting things in the works for 2017, and we are stoked to continue working hard to build, grow, and support the scene into the future!  Stay posted for more events, pro visits, gallery shows, Orchard product capsules & collaborations, video projects, skate jams, new team rider additions, exclusive product offerings, community building programs, and so much more!

We are faithfully devoted to Boston Skateboarding scene, and are endlessly grateful for all the support and love that we have received over the last 11 years. We’re looking forward to giving back to y’all for many years ahead!

The Allston shop and Birdsnest Bowl will be open New Year’s Day from 12-5pm, swing by and say what’s up!

-Armin, Broderick, Ian, & the entire Orchard Family