Saturday June 21, 2014
1:00 – 4:00 PM
Chinatown Courts
155 Kneeland St. Boston, MA

On Saturday June 21st, we will celebrate the official start of summer with our annual Go Skateboarding Day Skate Jam at the Chinatown Courts in downtown Boston!

We will set up a pop up skatepark for the afternoon including the regular assortment of various ramps, boxes, flatbars, and the infamous Cali picnic table. This year’s new addition will be a classic late-80′s style jump ramp, which will be the obstacle for the $250 Best Trick Contest!

As always, the jam will be free and open to the public! Many thanks go out to Converse for their continuous support of the Boston skateboard scene, as well as thanks to all of the other event’s sponsors including:
Transportation Unit
Grade Select Goods
Chocolate Skateboards
Corner Store Skateboards
Spitfire Wheels
Anti-Hero Skateboards
Independent Trucks
Thrasher Magazine

After the jam we will be hosting the premiere of our new full length video “Stone Soup” at MassART Tower Auditorium at 7PM. Stay posted for video teaser and details coming real soon!



Scroll down to check the video of the event by Sam McCormick and photos by Trevor Denman and Liam Annis.

Boston Go Skateboarding Day 2014 Presented by Orchard and Converse

Photos By Trevor Denman

Photos By Liam Annis