Join us for the next art exhibit opening in the Extension Gallery on the second level of the store on Saturday June 16th from 8:00-11:00 PM.
The show is entitled Exceptional Holiness and it is a solo exhibition of photo collage work by recent New England School Of Photography graduate Eileen Clynes. The work is a modern take on traditional Roman Catholic Saint cards, drawing inspiration from tchotchke style religious art such as hologram last suppers and light-up Virgin Marys.
Alongside the collection of 17 large size photo prints, the show will also have assorted styles of knick-knacks such as prayer candles, varnished wooden clocks and plaques, and hologram cards that all have these original photo collages printed on them.
This opening is a 21+event and Pabst Blue Ribbon and Refuge Cafe will be providing refreshments for the eventing.
The exhibition will remain on display through July 16th.