Join us Saturday night April 16th in the Extension Gallery at the Allston shop where we’ll pay homage and celebrate this Boston skate spot that many of us hold near and dear.

8PM / 21+

Photography by Liam Annis, Alex Gagne, Ray Echevers, and Dan Zaslavsky.  Video screening by Brian Delaney.  ‘Zine/mini-book written by Ian Browning.

Presented with support from New Balance Numeric and Pabst Blue Ribbon

Why celebrate an already existing spot?  Our friends over at the NYC-based Village Psychic put it into words quite well:

“Eggs isn’t a sanctioned skate park, and for as needed and appreciated as skate parks are, we’re especially glad for place like Eggs. It’s a public place where skaters have formed a community and have sense of ownership, and are invested in keeping clean and safe.  It’s probably weird to the outside world that a few granite ledges could matter so much to a group of people – but they do.  Much to the dismay of lawmakers and city officials, Eggs is what it looks like when the public gives a fuck about their public spaces.”