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FAM Boston Section


FAM is a new video made by close friends of the shop, sometimes employees, and recent Emerson College graduates Benny Goldman and Rob Fraebel.

As the title implies this one is for the homies, and is comprised of city montages from New York, New Jersey, Los Angeles, Puerto Rico, Berlin,…

Vans “Propeller” Premiere

Vans Propeller Coming May 2015


The highly anticipated Vans video “Propeller”, will premiere Saturday May 2nd at Villa Victoria Center For The Arts in Boston’s South End.

This premiere is FREE FOR ALL AGES!

Directed by Greg Hunt, Propeller is Vans’ first full…

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The Last Miniramp Sesh

The Last Miniramp Sesh

After 5 years of many memorable sessions, the time has come for the miniramp inside the Allston shop to get a facelift.  As part of a full store renovation in the coming weeks, we will be tearing apart the ramp and building a mini bowl to take it’s place.


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Battle At The BARrics 3 -Recap

Battle At The BARrics 3

Everyone loves a good game of S.K.A.T.E., and most grown-ass men enjoy drinking adult beverages while spectating their favorite recreational activity. Why not put them together and have a game inside a bar?
That was the line of thinking 3 years back when we teamed up with Converse to present…

Battle at the BARrics 3 – UPDATED WITH PHOTOS



The original Barroom SKATE contest is back!
Join us on Sunday March 15th at The North Star bar for the 3rd Annual Battle At The BARrics Game of SKATE!
16 of the Northeast’s finest…