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The White Whale

Session with Nichols/Charnoski & crew at the C-pool (before a screening of their new film, Deathbowl to Downtown at the Harvard Graduate School of Design):
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Northwest pool coping

Coping: chunky
Get some; over the stairs.

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Coakley in Skateboarder

Orchard rider Kevin Coakley has a sequence in the June ’08 issue of Skateboarder:

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Ollie season is here

Break out your digicams.
Copley olleetz
Hydrant ollie
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Recipe for fun

Some semblance of warm weather is finally here. Take advantage of it by doing the following:

  1. Grab your board
  2. Meet up with your friends at a skateshop
  3. Eat some pizza — enough to inhibit your skating abilities (Chacho’s works well)
  4. Find a piece of junk on the sidewalk
  5. Skate it

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