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Welcome to the New Website!

After many years of planning we have finally launched our new website and online shop, designed completely from the ground up!

The site just went live on Monday June 16th, and we are still working out all of the kinks with…

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Phelps fired

Either they’re pulling some kind of publicity stunt, or Jake Phelps just got fired from Thrasher.
I skated with Phelps at the Potrero del Sol park when I was in SF in November. Among several great quotes that I heard him say, my favorite was his response to some…

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Jeff Valcourt video / Reb Bull Barrier

Here’s some video of new Orchard team rider Jeff Valcourt, courtesy of John Wolf.
Be sure to check out more of Jeff’s footage and other epic Boston skating in Jon Wolf’s new film, Subterranean.


On a related note:…

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Welcoming the J’s

For those of you who hadn’t heard the news already from (http://www.slapmagazine.com/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=33&topic=25521), we’ve just welcomed some amazing new members to the Orchard skate team.
(http://www.orchardshop.com/team/Joey_Pepper.html) — all legends of the Boston skate scene — are taking an already…

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The Lurk has landed

The cat is out of the bag already so here is our very unofficial press release…
Lurker Louis Sarowski skates for Orchard! Welcome aboard Lou. It feels like you’ve been on the whole time anyways.
Louis has been a homie since the beginning and we couldn’t be…

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