Age : 38

From : Brewster, MA

Currently Resides : Roxbury, MA

Day Job : Orchard Co-Owner

Brewster Massachusetts in Cape Cod is his hometown. Known as Bro to some, he’s one of the founding members of Orchard. He is proud to say he’s been skating for 28 years. His style self described as “pretty basic” and “medium gnarly”, but anyone that has seen his video parts would surely disagree. If it can’t be done fast it’s not worth doing. He enjoys listening to vinyl records and attempting to make art. A resident of Boston for 14 years he’s an East Coast lifer and loves skateboarding with all his heart.

Orchard Team:

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dillon-bussbilly-campbell kevin-coakley eric-dasaro steve-durante jerry-fowler bro-gumpright mike-leslie lurker-lou fritz-mead frankie-nash bill-orsi joey-pepper abe-pieciak
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