The first Helloween jam took place at the Chinatown Courts back in 2004 before the shop even opened. Now it’s 8 years later and we wanted to bring the event back to where it started at the Chinatown Courts.
I’m pretty sure Jad brought an old TV set for everybody to skate the first year we did this and about 4 people showed up. This event has grown so much over the years and we’re stoked it’s heading back to where we started it! Can’t believe this is the 8th annual already. Mark your calendars this will be a good one!
Sunday October 30th at the Chinatown Courts!
101 Kneeland St. Boston MA
Worst Trick & Best Contest Contests! Free Candy and Product Toss! Maybe even a game of D.E.A.T.H?
Thanks to our event sponsors Adidas, Hopps, CODA, Expedition-One, 4 Wheels, Blueprint, Huf, Krux, Omit, and Grade!
If you are 21 or older make sure you come to the costume contest after party with Rescue at the Model Cafe in Allston!